Are you tired of trying and not getting anywhere
with your efforts to weight loss?

Worry not; with Trainer Jay C, you will be able to get into better shape despite having a busy schedule!


Welcome to Trainer Jay C

Are you tired of the gym memberships that go unused and the frustrating struggle to establish a consistent fitness routine? You’re not alone. Many find themselves in the same predicament, uncertain about the most effective training methods and unsure of what to do once they step into the gym.

Your weight may continue to increase, and your self-confidence may decline as a result of this uncertainty. You feel out of control because of your history of injuries and your concern that working out can make the agony worse.

Regrettably, these challenges tend to intensify as we age. Our bodies age more quickly when we don’t move and exercise regularly. The modern lifestyle, with extended hours spent behind screens and prolonged periods of sitting, contributes to the problem. Metabolism slows down, and unwanted weight creeps up. We become more susceptible to weakness and find ourselves allocating a significant portion of our finances to address chronic illnesses and joint discomfort.

These issues not only steal precious moments with our loved ones but also accumulate substantial financial costs over the span of a decade or two.

Trainer Jay C has experienced this firsthand and has overcome these struggles, so that makes him the perfect choice to guide you toward a sustainable path to health and renewed confidence.

Real-Life Transformations: From 120kg+ to a Healthier Lifestyle

Imagine an anesthetist, a devoted husband, and a father of two facing an alarming decline in his health over an agonizing 8-to-10-year period. His weight had soared past 120kg, and his physical fitness had hit rock bottom. In that very first session, the warm-up left him on the verge of nausea, but he refused to give in. Together, we charted a course that included three 1-hour sessions each week.

Our journey was built on a solid foundation of strength, muscle development, and overall fitness improvement. Today, he stands at a healthier weight, well below 100kg, experiences less low back pain, and actively engages with his family.

At Trainer Jay C, we firmly believe that your exercise and fitness goals should seamlessly integrate with your life. Your fitness program should never be a source of complication but a joyful complement to your lifestyle. It should infuse a sense of excitement into your daily routine and continually challenge you to achieve more.

We understand that life can be hectic, and your program needs to be flexible and convenient, seamlessly blending into your unique lifestyle. We know that many individuals start their fitness journey with the best intentions but often lack the essential knowledge, time, and skills to keep moving forward.

How I Help You Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals

I’m dedicated to crafting a customized fitness journey that is made precisely to your aspirations. My approach is rooted in your unique goals, ensuring every aspect of your training aligns with your objectives. Here’s how I guide you to success:

  • Goal-Oriented Training: Together, we determine the optimal training blend that aligns with your objectives. I meticulously design a plan that caters to your specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, increased strength, or overall health enhancement.
  • Expert Execution: I walk alongside you every step of the way, ensuring you execute your personalized plan effectively. From exercise selection to intensity, I adapt each aspect to your current strength and fitness levels, ensuring steady progress.
  • Transformative Results: In just 2-3 weeks, you’ll notice a tangible improvement in your fitness levels. By the 12-week mark, you’ll regain control over your body, experiencing reduced pain, stress, and fat. I provide you with the tools to forge a healthier, pain-free future.
Personal Trainer with client


Navigating middle age presents its own set of challenges. It’s all too easy to notice a few extra kilos creeping onto your body, accompanied by persistent aches and pains that seem to linger. Mornings become a battle to rise from bed. As someone who’s experienced these challenges firsthand at 43, I can attest to the reality of “the struggle.”

You understand the importance of prioritizing your health, but the demands of work, family, and life’s daily stressors only complicate matters. You’ve likely dabbled in various fad diets, realizing that there’s no quick-fix solution to lasting health.

With Trainer Jay C, you can be certain that you will be able to overcome your demons without sacrificing any of the important stuff that is your everyday part of life.