The No 1 Way To Reduce Belly Fat.

It’s no secret that as we head into a 30’s and 40’s our metabolism starts so slow down and we gain some unwanted fat around the mid section. There are a couple of reason for this such as, being sedentary, decreases in testosterone, poor diet and increased levels of stress. There is one thing that you can do to help reduce the size of the problem (excuse the pun) that doesn’t cost a cent but it does need some time though.

weight loss.

I’m not delivering and ground breaking information here however for most middle-aged busy people we for get that the simple act of walking can cut your overall body fat percentage and give many health benefits.

As we have made our way into a modern way of living we have forgotten about our primal past where we traveled to all the corners of the earth on our own 2 legs. Our general daily activity involves us moving from one sitting position to another. It really is a shame don’t you think? We have been given an amazing piece of equipment and we don’t allow it to do the thing it is designed to do that is move. 

If you are training and not seeing the desired outcome of a reduction in weight I recommend trying to add some walking into your day. I tell my clients to try to get at least 10 000 steps in per day and gradually increase that over a time. I have seen great results not just in a reduced waist line but also in the less stress, better sleep, reduced blood pressure and more energy.

A simple walk for 20-60min 3-4 time per week will get the needle moving in the right direction. This approach is a little different from the HIIT craze that people are getting into currently and I’ll go into more in future.

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