How To Make Exercise A Habit.

I’ve heard people say they would like to exercise but they struggle to find the time.  Our lives are filled with work, business, travel, family, friends, pets, kids, traffic, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and the list go on and on. The list is so long I feel like giving up.

During this post, I’ll outline some tips/ideas to take into consideration before you decide to give up. I don’t promise it’s easy but I assure you if you follow these steps you will be headed in the right direction. These tips I personally use and seen others do extraordinary things to get their fitness on. 

Your Health

Before I start please take into consideration that your health is your number 1 priority. Without health, you can’t do any of your commitments consistently. The reality is that health care is getting more expensive, stress is on the rise and we have to retire older, some of us can’t even afford to retire so we have to work into old age. However, we can not control where we land up later on in life and we do not know what our circumstances will look like but a lot of the problems that could potentially happen can be controlled by your attitude to being healthy.

The Resistance 

I am guilty of staying “ I will start on Monday” or “in the new year”. Having motivation to exercise is a load of Kak. Motivation is short lived and when we are faced with an important commitment we kick the training out the door. Something needs your attention right now. So where do you draw the line. In the book the War Of Art by Steven Pressfield he calls this the resistance. The resistance comes in all shapes and sizes and forces us to postpone the things we need to be doing. Unfortunately time moves on. The key is to recognise the resistance and push back against it. I think they call that a pun, this is a blog about exercise and you need resistance training and all.

Try to be dedicated? Dedication is when you realize your health is important and you say “Regardless, I will train 3 times per week”. I have worked with a single mom who works full time and has a thriving careers and managed to pull it off because she is dedicated. Progress rather than perfection.

Do not set yourself up to fail. If your life is busy, don’t say, I’ll got to the gym 5-6 times per week. 

Be realistic and commit to 2-3 times per week. Or have a goal of going 12 times per month so that if the have a good week you can make up for when you are away on that business trip etc. 

Get Help

Get a coach/trainer or join a group fitness program so that you don’t have to waste time figuring out what to do in your training session. A professional will do the thinking for you, therefore your sessions are impactful. They should be able to give you the right progression to suit your ability and time commitment. Also, they can help you troubleshoot minor health matters and refer you to the relevant professionals if needed. 

 Be consistent. The best results my clients get are when they are consistent. They pitch up 3 times per week and get focused work done, week in and week out.


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