How Much Time Do You Need Each Day To Lose Fat & Get Fit

The number one excuse I hear from clients is that they struggle to find the time to train. I’m not here to ram “it’s all about sacrifice” BS down your throat. In this post, I hope to give you some direction on how to get a bit fitter and leaner.

30-60 min 3-5 Times Per-week

A total of 2-5 hours of exercise per week is not a bad place to start out. This will get the ball rolling and allow you to develop the habit of exercising. In saying that you will be required to put all the possible reasons for not exercising away, or at least until you have developed the habit of training.

What must I do?

The question is, what should I do in my training sessions? Do I go to the gym? How about HIIT (high-intensity interval training)? Running or cycling?

There is a bunch of training methodologies that you can do. I recommend you do the one, you are most likely to keep doing. Makes sense right? If you are not sure what I mean see below.

3 cardio sessions per week lasting 30min or more. Light cardio can be as simple as going for a walk. Or exercises that can be done in a circuit-like fashion. 2 strength training session 30-60min each per week that is full-body in nature and focusing on compound movements (using more than one joint at a time).

It is not really about what you doing at the beginning, it’s more about how you are going about it. Exercise is not an easy thing for all of us to do, so if you start with only committing a bit of time and making sure you show up regularly you will see progress.

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