Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

Jay C: Your Personal Fitness Coach

Hi, My name is Jason Coetzee, or you may know me by Trainer Jay C.

My life has been devoted to the health and fitness profession for which I have worked since 2007. My journey began as a personal trainer, where I polished my expertise in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Later, I dabbled in the field of women’s wellness, running a franchise of Adventure Boot Camp for Women and eventually starting my own CrossFit gym.

At the age of 43, I understand the unique challenges that come with being in the “middle-aged” bracket. I am not very fond of the term “middle-aged,” but it is a stage where many of us face common challenges such as weight management, stress, sleep disturbances, and persistent aches and pains. Just like you, I grapple with these issues.

I understand the discomfort of feeling like you’ve lost control of your body, including weakness generally, unease with your joints, unwanted weight gain, and recurrence of previous problems. It’s a situation where you still feel youthful at heart, but your body paints a different picture.

I’ve experienced these difficulties firsthand, making me particularly prepared to lead you on a quest to restore your vitality. I’ve spent years perfecting workout structures that strike the perfect balance between pushing you forward and ensuring your safety.

I don’t believe in boring, repetitive workout programs. Instead, I provide you with a dynamic fusion of exercises that are designed to improve your strength, fitness, and health. I have the knowledge to support you in achieving your goals, whether they are focused on body composition, athletics, or overall fitness.

As your personal fitness trainer, I ensure your sessions are engaging and progressive, ensuring you stay motivated and consistently make strides toward your fitness aspirations.

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