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I create fitness programs for busy people. You have tried many training programs and diets with little to no success.


You’ve joined gyms and tried to get a routine, but you struggle to get consistent. The truth is, you are not sure what is the best way to train and not sure what to do when you get to the gym.

In the meantime, your weight keeps going up and you feel less confident in your body, you have lost control. You also have old injuries and pain and you scared to exercise and make the injury worse.

Unfortunately, these challenges get worse as we get older. Without exercise and movement our bodies deteriorate faster. Modern human lifestyle makes us less active.

You spend your time behind screens and sit far too long. Our metabolism slows and our weight goes up. We become weak and spend far too much on health care to address chronic disease and joint pain.

These issues rob you of precious time with your loved ones and over a 10 or 20-year period a lot of money.

Real Life Example

One of my clients was in a downward spiral of deteriorating health over an 8-to-10-year period. As a busy anesthetist, husband, and father of 2 his health was in terrible shape.

He weighed 120kg+ and very unfit. During our first session he wanted to throw up after the warmup. He didn’t quit. We scheduled 3 1 hour session per week.

We built a foundation of strength, muscle and improved his general fitness. He currently weighs under 100kg has less low back pain and is more active with his family.

Your exercise and your fitness goals should not complicate your life. They should complement your lifestyle. The program should be fun and you should be excited to exercise. You should be challenged by the program. 

Your program should be flexible and convenient and part of your lifestyle. You have good intentions when they start out in the gym. Yet lack the knowledge, time and skills to keep you moving forward.

How do I help you?

I work with you to find the right blend of training that meets your goals. I help you execute the plan. I will select exercises and the intensity specific to your level of strength and fitness.

Over 2-3 weeks you will begin to feel your fitness improve, in 12 weeks you will feel you have got back control over your body. Less pain, stress, and fat.  You will have the tools to move forward to a healthier future.

As you head to middle age you realize how easy it is to add a few kilos to your body weight. You also have aches and pains that don’t go away. Getting out of bed can be a struggle. (I’m 43 so I know, “the struggle is real”).

You know that getting and staying healthy is important. Work, family, and stress add to the complexity of your life. You have tried all the fad diets and know that there is no quick fix.

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Training Options

One on One personal training either in person, or via Zoom.

Hybrid model 1 personal training session per week as above and I will provide you a program you can follow at a time and location best suited to you. This option is best for people who have the discipline to do a workout on their own.